What’s Important Now=WIN

NowWe can get stuck in the past way too often. While it may be important to learn the appropriate lesson from our experiences, it may also be extremely harmful to place excessive energy on what has happened.

Yet, we do it over and over again. Why? Because it reinforces some form of story that we need to obsess about.Pain

It becomes a convenient way to avoid taking responsibility for our part.

So, how do we get over it?

Get present! It’s as plain and simple as that.



Ask yourself: “What’s Important Now?”

Notice that it’s an acronym standing for WIN!


What’s Important Now=WIN — 1 Comment

  1. Were all creatures of habit and far too often I delve back into the past to regain my confidence which I have to remind myself to live in the “Now” The past is history the future isn’t here all we have is the present which is a gift. I like what you say about “Egos”

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