What’s In A Word?

The Value we place on our Word tells the world a lot about us. If we think Integrity is important, then how we maintain it with others, or not, will make all the difference if Trust has any chance to be developed.
We’ve all experienced that moment when someone breaks their Word with us.  How did that feel? We cannot feign ignorance and act as if we’ve never had that emotional reaction when another in essence lies to us.
Ever been called a liar?  Maybe not face-to-face, yet even if the other person didn’t utter the name, that’s what they felt; it can be counted on. Not being in Integrity with our Word is so damaging that some of us eventually become unaffected by it and we blindly pretend to not know the impact.
Of course, there will always be the litany of Reasons and Excuses. This is precisely what keeps the lies, deceit and nonsense alive. When we actively practice this behavior, people around us tend to not Trust, not count on us for anything! And, when they do, hearts will be broken yet once again.
The funny part is that when we act this way, we think that others don’t notice; they do. For those that play the: “That’s just how I am,” card, be aware that Words such as Respect, Honor and Trust are only used when describing what’s not there.  Worse, to be conscious about such behavior and still do it is blatant, selfish and just plain wrong.
Lastly, this whole message has been about Being on Time, in case you haven’t already figured that out. Been giving any other Words that are really lies out there?
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